Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for Me?

Rabbit Proofing 101

What age rabbit should I get? - older bunnies are the most loving and grateful, but younger buns are fun to watch and love their people.

Bunnies and Other Pets?  - this can be a tricky situation.  Dogs and cats are natural predators of bunnies so we would have to assess if your animals would be a good fit with one of our bunnies.  If not, please feel free to volunteer with us to get your bunny fix.

How many bunnies? - Bunnies naturally are social little beings.  They love to live in groups, but you have to bond them first.  Otherwise they are very territorial.  Please ask us for more details about this before bringing home a new bunny.

Breeds?  - There are a number a great house rabbit (domestic) breeds.  They each have their own characteristics.  Come by and see what works best with your personality and theirs.