If you are interested in adopting or fostering a rabbit? Rabbits are an amazing addition to any family. Each bun-bun comes with his or her own special personality. We literally have a rabbit for everyone, with every breed and temperament you can imagine. 

Whether you're looking for a young, energetic bun, or an older, calmer rabbit, you'll find your dream pet here. We know our bunnies — so if you tell us what you're looking for, we can direct you to the perfect rabbit. 

Our non-profit foundation, Adopt a Bunny Rabbit, is located in Calabasas, California. You're welcome to come meet our rabbits any time and get to know them in a no-pressure environment. And, if you think you found "the one" but want to test the waters first, you're welcome to foster a rabbit first. We've been rescuing rabbits and finding them forever homes for more than a decade, and we know it's so important to the right fit for you and the bun!

Rabbits Up for Adoption

Our bunnies are already socialized and potty-trained, so they're ready to go home today! We have so many lovely rabbits, including the following popular breeds: 

  • Angora

  • American Sable

  • Dutch

  • Flemish Giant

  • Lionhead

  • Florida White

  • New Zealand

  • Woolly

  • Polish

  • Holland Lop

  • Belgian Hare

  • French Lop

  • Giant Chinchilla

  • Havana

  • Hotot

  • Lilac

Check out a few of our sweet rabbits below!

Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for Me?

Anyone who's had the pleasure of meeting a rabbit knows just how sweet and special they can be. Rabbits are very social creatures, and they're capable of love and companionship, and form relationships with their owners. They have their own personalities and can be very, very smart (some are even mischievous!). 

Older rabbits tend to be more loving and grateful for attention, while younger bunnies can be more rambunctious and playful. Rabbits that are neutered also tend to be more calm than rabbits that are not. 

Our best advice? Come meet our rabbits in Calabasas and experience their personalities firsthand!